so one dai i play mincecraft and a fat munster appers butt i kill it and i cry cuz i feel guilty i wish it was still alive so anyways i saw redstone in a temple and i get scarred so i cry sum moor and then entitty 303 comes and licks me and i hapy so we mary and hav 2 kidz named herobrian and null and herobrian is good and null smelt like poop so i kill muhself and respawn in da sucker's house and he steals my sul and seld muh bodi to cancer research and i saved a life named Carly Simon and c said, "you've met with a terrible fate havnt you?"  i cried sum more and then Buddha comes down and slaps me for eating the last doughnut so notch shot Buddha with a .99 millimeter shotgun and becomes my 2th wife

da en

pee es here link to join anti enetitty 303 team