today i fond a lost verson onn thee websit ebaby caled verson clasic 0.0.-1 it loked very suspishious. and scary so i checked it out i found the title screen but the logo had blood and it made me wanna puke then i played the game but it had blody grass it was red and i was locced on survivale i had to deal with it another thing there were no animals and the creeper spawn rate was unbelevable and the skty was blody red and i then i saw somehing it was herobrine but he had blodshot eyes that were empty and he almost kiled me in real lif but i respawned with hecks then i sawed entity 303 but he had blue water eyes made me drown but this was second life if i died that time it was dying forever so i had to leave and i saw black steve and he appeared and stole my items and then they merged together into blackhero303 made me cry up a bit like what and then the blackhero303 shitted on my butt and broke my diamond swoard i tryed to exit the game but i couldnt because i dont know blackhero303 then said you will die i died in real life see you before i die to blackhero303