Catniol names The king of all water and ice, The blue steve

commuintie names Blue steve

Signs Prismarine sea latrens Water waves comeing higher

Weakness anything like lava steve or lava to turn him into obisdain or stone Chapter 1: Waters Go High So i was being bored Thats when my head binged! I knew my xbox one was good i went and asked my friends if they wanted to join me on an adventure underwater i asked

•AlexThegamer2 (Alex)


•AliceThelover20 (Alice)

they all agreed and we got to work then i invited BillCrafter58 He acpted and i made a skype group bill said "my brother billy died drowning irl" it was so sad i ended the skype And so went underwater i puted on my headphones alexs was Green alices was flowers and pink bills was black and mine were blue i said turough the headphones lets Get some lo- HOLY MAMA everyone was confused and looked We all then said HOLY MAMA we swam so quick irl our hearts were so exited To find loot we deafeted the somewhat queen and king we went and saw a blue guy Bill said Billy? he walked closer to the blue figure then giveing them a hug it was cute how bill rembered billy i looked and went back up i called the blue figure blue steve But bill called him billy we we got on land Billy created what i think Was tunimi i was scared and so we Ran Chapter 2: Escape from Tunamisi We stoped alex said "wheres bill?" i looked in chat and saw this bill suffocated in ice Blue steve: MUHAHAHA HES FROZEN NOW we saw his body leg stright hands up and down i knew there is weakness i called my boy Fireburner89 he was called Frank He had lava and gave it to us before leaveing it was time for war chapter 3: take back the world I said to blue steve take THIS throwing lava at him he doged it blue steve said did you really think You could defat- Grahhhhhhh! Alice said ICE TUNAMISI AT 3 O CLOCK! i looked and went after blue steve By then everyone was ice i poured the lava over blue steve alice and i said to each other while we turned to ice Let us be forever friends We turned to ice then it stoped everyone turned normal and blue steve was obisdian we mined him and made a portal to the nether and we play on that world Friday I became gf with alice and dated her