Ahhhhhh! Butter Steve! he wantys meb and he will get ,e ( help) help Evil Dark Scary Wants To kill hates players sees all heres all beware he will get you, WiTh BUTTER!

Authors Note:

WillyZambroobie is reADy To get ya with a Grat stAiry! Another Tollpastra!

Zapter Uno!


303: wat did ya say!


butter steve: get za axe!

404: Wat

butter steve: Sorrry but zis guy is=z no good to uas!


303; worng decsion

butter steve: now may I join you!

$04: nah1

buter steve: WHY NOt!

303: fiStly, Stevebrien is allergic to butter and secondly, you dont look scary!

butter steve: I'm real col i promise

404: teell me about your self

butter steve: I was sWinEBrInE's first apprentist.

£03: Zat is it go home!

butter steve: FINE: But ill be back ! dnt forste me!

Zalpter tow

butter steve WaS nat hoppy! He ran home and in 'is anger created a nuclear eggsplosion.

Sweveebrein saw zis and fought it was real cool, so he went up to za eggsplodion and wnentt to sae who iT was scanned. I

Stevebrine:who are ya?

butter Steve: my nom may siound lame but it's but it's butter Stev

Stevebriengt: well, what ya ddid was imazing, wanna join R.o.C.K ((Resistance of CreepyPasta Kings)