Oki so I wuz playing Minecwaf and something scary happyend.

In Da Woods

so I wuz in de forest and I wuz mining birch tree with gold hoers armor when I saw a plains biome and all pros go to plains biome and I pro so I went. Dere  wuz a village and a villager dat was yellow and I thrue orange and  black master ball at it and it dyed it wuz 2 week. Den in the foreszt a Pikapoo emerged and I throw white pokeball at Pikapoo and it got hurt but no die and we had conversatien.

<Pikapoo>: Nub why you hert me?

<DatProDude>(me): I no nub dat  wuz pokeball you pikapoo I twy 2 capture u.

<Pikapoo>: I hack you cuz you nub.

<DatProDude>: HHahahahahahahahhah. You can't hack me and I no nub u nub. Also die just game u can't hert me.

and then da pikapoo disappeared and a note said "get yer ugly nub face ready I hack" and I was so scared I almost peed my pants. And then I logged off.

In Real Life

I changed into my yunicorn pejamies and hopped in my bed. I herd scratch scratch and door bwoke. The same pikapoo emergered and he said "You doubters me skillz cuz I got so much skillz  I hak life aynd Minecwaf" And then he poked me and I fainted. De end.