one time in the land of minecraft there were castles , but the castles that were feared MOST were the ones bearing the name..."herobrien town "and "top notch" the rulers : herobrien and notch , were having a great war!!! meanwhile, notch has some other ideas...

notch: herobrien, brother im afraid we should declare KINGSHIP over our lands and work TOGETHER!

herobrien: no , NIUUUUU, we must not!!

notch: save me brother.

herobrien : save you??? why, u have no HAIR!!!!!!

*sarcastic laughter*

notch: WhY YOU F********************** , U STOOPID LITTLE PIECE OF SH** U BROTHER NO. FUK!

random villager: triggereeeeeeered.

notch: OH MY F*** GOD STAY OUT OF DIS' OKAHYY!!!!?!?!

after the raging argument, they all sorted it out. dey decided to give eachoder gifts ! herobrien gave notch a giant piece of shet and notch gave herobrien a can of hair gel filled with anti-hair spray!

the end.