I decide I make new werld!1!! Lets make spoopy seed for it guyz!!! It's gona be so coolio that I moight dieded bat who cores??? Let's get into the soightin!

Soightin won: I makew a shroine wit every1's heds in it!!!1!!!1!

I made a herobrin shroine with a entity null 303 green red blue stevebrine then I randomly dieded. I was vewy confuzzled and then I spowned and sow the Entity Null 303 Green Red Blue Stevebrine! He hod a woden sowrd wit Slapness 420 on it so I kep on getting slaped. I got very angery then koiled him wit a seedz coz he week!!1!!1! Ok gois hope u enjoied da tralpaster!

Hope you enjoy this crappy thing I made in like 10 minutes. I want to die after making this.