i oud find hewobayn. Here es story.

it was the fattest thing i ever seen. It was the 4:00 AM and i avoid click bait of 3 am. Bad click bait, bad! I went to my world n saw a herobryn saying a speech. The speech was "toast." I was of not the hungry. He ate the toast n he get fat. He get very fat. He ate 39428742057428574285 hot dogs 4095239058209529 pizzas 0945849538584395 asparagus and 49542905849584958948549 ice cream. He as fat. He swallowed the world with his fatness. He was fatter than fat, he was a fucking pig! Herobayn collapse into black hole and i threw myself to mcwendy's where there wee fat burgers. Thy were fat. I ate the fat burgers and i got fat. I transfer fat to herobayn and he swallow entity 303. His beautiful white hood was swallow because fuk it, It's time for the end of story. This story was fatter than fat, it was horrible.

pls laugh pls