I had just came back from school one evening, eager to play the mod I had just downloaded.  "House of Glass" it was called, I discovered it after I misspelled a search term, and oddly I never found any reviews but one.

"Awesome" -Dude06798

Anyway, I got on and began playing.  Nothing seemed to have changed, except a single house made of glass in the distance.  I tried walking to it, but every time I got close I realized I was back at the bottom of the hill it was on.  This continued on for a while, until I successfully Ender pearled up to the entrance.  The building was massive, 50+ blocks high, with a staircase of red and green, a creeper statue of green and black, and a floor of orange and blue.  As I was gawking, I swear I saw a ghostly figure walking down the steps, and then disappearing.  

I explored the house, finding many beautiful artworks, but no treasure.  I wandered there for a couple of minutes, but the doctor says it was three days.

What a liar.