We humble folk call His name. Does He listen? Does He hear?

Save us...

Save us...

We pray to His realm above the clouds. Does He listen? Does He hear?

His Word is whispered in our ears, enlightening us, revealing to us the truth.

Spread the truth, He tells us. Spread My Word!

IcaldirIcaldir is coming.

He will cross the earth and dispose of those not deserving of His new world.

The dumb people! The stupid ones! The idiots! The ones too blind to see the truth!

He will kill them. He will kill them all.

So spread the Word, they cry. Spread the truth.

He will cross all dimensions, eliminating anyone, everyone, not wise enough to see Him coming, to prepare.

Minecraft. The Elder Scrolls. Fortnite. Fallout.

He will cross ALL dimensions, changing the lives of gamers forever.

We must prepare. We must spread the Word.