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Hello! This is a wiki for Minecraft trollpastas. This wiki is partnered up with The Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki!

Please read the rules before doing anything else!

We hope you have a great time in the Minecraft Trollpasta Wiki!


  1. Probably the most important. All trollpastas are fabricated. Something stupid happening to a player can not happen in Minecraft, so don't bother regarding your opinion.
  2. No spamming or vandalism. This includes "tweaking" coding aspects of the wiki or messing with categories, blogs and comments. If you see a page you like, or have owned, that has been deleted, do not restore that page, or any page for that matter without the permission of a Content Moderator or an Administrator.
  3. Do not mention, or do anything inappropriate. This includes excessive cursing, offensive language, treason (offending an admin or moderator), pornographic content and sexual references.
  4. Do not put links to other wikis in an attempt to advertise. Likewise, do not advertise at all.
  5. Do not ask for a higher rank. It will eventually come to you if you make enough good contributions.
  6. Do not create trollpastas with the same title of an existent trollpasta.
  7. Do not get into matters and situations that you don't fully understand. If you see drama or a conflict, ask what's going on, don't tell experienced users how to handle it.
  8. Do not create a second-rate duplicate wiki about this one.
  9. Do not force your opinions to other people, and do not try to change the rules. You can suggest new rules, but that doesn't guarantee they will be put into effect.
  10. Do not promote radicalism and extremism. Likewise, do not talk about politicial debates or fights.
  11. Swearing and cursing is allowed, but not in excess. If you are uncomfortable with that, then GET OUT.
  12. Do not make people meddle in the affairs of something outside of the wiki.


This is the hub for categories. Do not create additional categories without an admins permission.


One-Sentence Trollpastas - For trollpastas that are short or contain only a few sentences.

Short Trollpastas - For trollpastas with little content, but not entirely short.

Moderate Trollpastas - For trollpastas that have an average length.

Long Trollpastas -  For trollpastas that have a large length.


Bureaucrats (Custom Color, Custom Font)


SCP-Deadlock (Inactive)

Admins (Same as Bureaucrat)



ElectroAaronDYnamix (Inactive)


TheMysteriousHood (Inactive)

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Discussion Moderators (Arial)

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Wiki Updates

20/12/2017: EnderChas

Any low-quality trollpastas that not much work has been put into will now get deleted, and I am unlikely to restore any of these pages. Make trollpastas with 6 or more sentences and these are likely to make it through.

15/12/2017: EnderChas

I am going to start adding the weirdest trollpastas to this wiki. Thanks to Yosh for promoting me as an admin, I will help with this wiki. However, I may not be as active as I am on the Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki. If you want to live chat with me, I would recommend using the Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki live chat, not this wiki's one.

8/19/2017: Yoshfico123

With the help of SCP-Deadlock, I'm going to bring back this wiki. I will start out by adding my trollpastas, hopefully attracting many viewers.