( /!\ WARNING /!\ This is a fake story! Expect a lot of grammar errors because that will be in a lot of these paragraphs as you read! )

MINE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11! Once i was 28 aand i was playing mineing game and i was playing on my word in minne caft and i was in deh crafting bennch when I herd aaa souund on my sony ear phones headd phones 2.168 and it said you will diee e you naughty mann then in my grooin region i was hurrt i clunitched and i ran to the toilet and bought a toaa=ster then i eat toasst the i went back to my compuuterr and smammashed itt then i bought a neew computter and dowwwnloaded mineecaft mineing game andd it sAID mineedevil!!!111!! and i wass like omg and den it saaid die in my grooin yiou naughhty manan den i saww the devil thenn it killedd me now im deadd soo noww im a ghostt fromm hell noww soo please iff you aree pregananated and you are jusstin beaaver den savee meeh!!!!1