Bro dis iz Fayer!!

Wait wait wait.

This is my first trollpasta.It can't start without an author's note.So this is my 1st trollpasta.I hope it's good.Aw men,da bad gramar iz comin!YEARRGHHKLLKYVBYFCHCVHBVGHGVHB HBVG!!!!!!!

Da frst chptr

Hey u dis iz me!!nd i writ a strange story!Waaw!!!

So,al starts with me computr.He as explosive and uncontrolable to.I make poop.I pee.It's good.Lawl.I eat poop.No.I drink poop.Yeah.Tat's it.I drink poop and pee.So good.Lawl.I play mncrft.I see Noll and nune:

<me>Hi nune!Hi noll!Wants poop?

<Nune>I ave pee!!!

<Noll>And i have chicken brain!!Yayy!!

<He303>Ey!!I av Roten flaich!!!

<Entitybrine>An i av steks!!!Yaayyy!!!!

<me>i mak a barbeQ!!!

We put fayer on our mouse!!!I have the IQ of a cucumbra!!!


Me house is on fayer!!!My poop!!Nooo!!!My pee!!!!My toilets!!!!They ar burnin!!!I play mncrft again.

<me>Hi,i poop!!!!

<nune>U is mine!!!!!!!!


<Entitybrine>U is makin me pee

And then:

Nune+noll+Entitybrine+He303 fak me!!!Yaaahh!!!!

I make a baby!!!So yummy!!!!I eat im!!!Gud!!!I mak mor babys!!!I eat them!!!!Lawlawalawlllawwalalalawlwwaloloallaowllawl!!!


Da world is endid!I die!!But i pley mncrft!!!I rename it:MinePoo!!!And i it my cmptr!!!!i gonna change voyels by numbers!!!H1!!!1t's m3!!!1t's W31rd!!!S0,wh4t c4n 1 d0 n0w?1'm C0rrUpt3d!!!!L1k3 C0rrupt3dCh4s!!!1t's g00d!!!1'm 4 n00b!!!1 m4k3 4 D1rt h0us3!!!1 34t p00p cuz 1'm n00b!!!D4 3nd!!!