"We are assholes."

That was the sentence I heard when entering.

Strange. In fact, so scary, I thought I'd shit myself. Whateves. I walked through the Server. EVERYTHING SUCKED!!!!! I saw an Admin and smiled. I used a command and went into Creative Mode. I got some glass panes and a sword. I ran up to him, cut his butt off, and chanted: "UP YOUR ASS WITH BROKEN GLASS!!!!" as I shoved the glass panes under his butt and put his butt back.

THIS was fun!

The admin looked at me angrily.

A weird brown screen appeared in front of me.


But it was no use, I just logged back in and smiled.

"YOU CAN'T BAN ME!!!!" I screamed as I killed him so he died in real life too.

Invasion of The Dipshits

I suddenly saw a bunch of nubby players on the horizon. Those Dipshits want me dead for killing da admin... ILL KILL THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!

One by one they fell to a gruesome death where they spilled jelly out of the holes I stabbed into them.

I drank it all and shoved it into delicious donuts.

The servar is all mine.

I desearve a new name.

I shall call meself...