sannans=stupid skeleton


part 123929329192139231923191239: smashing smashery

deh sannans was being a sans.he wsas palying vedeo games. pepress told ghem 2 tayk out teh trash but he says "no". and we all know papyrus he cant do shit so he left ans to do his thing

"heheheheh kidoo, pepress is out taking the trash and he wont be back for 499949394939489392013210310949243914809422314143142142149494949499999 yoctoseconds lets do this"

sans removed deh frisks shirt "u wan hav bad tim? cuz i tak u 2 deh bonzon" as he licked her hot caks. rip hot cakes sansssss liked thm.

sanans was licking the hot caks wand then charazarz walked into teh room!!!!!!!! she was diagnosed with PTSD n fainted and died. oh no. sans killed chara with his weid things. chara is dead. rip my princess.

n ee way sanns was bord so he did it

he pulld down the fucking underwear because you fucking know what is going to happen.

lol XD you are so gullible

im sorry