helo me nam is bobby im 7 year old and todai me goin 2 tell scar stori about scar billy amd a warmeeng

dis stor is 110% reel so bee carful ok bye

Starteng of de scar stori

i ramamber de exact day and de exac hour it was 12/13/2019... no wait rong day it was 12/12/2018 and hour was 11:23 am... me mom bout mienkwaff a day ago and i wanted 2 play eet so i toch de minkwaf buton and i clik crate word and den i name it: "cool wod 123" and de seed was "billyismefrind123" so i press play wit me hed a few tims umteel it stars but den wen it stared i noticd dat sumthin was strangg......... DER WAS A APPL IN ME INVENTARI!!1!1!11 OGM I WAS SO SCARD DAT I THRO APPL AWAE AND DEN I STARTED PUNCHING TREE WIT ME HEAD ARM THING DEN I GOT WOOD DEN I RAN AWAE BUT den... i herd footstaps... den wen i luk bac scar billy was behin me!11!!!! i draw dis to sho wat scar billy luk liek -------------------------------------------->

Scar bil

den scar billy said "me goin 2 hax u am scar billy mwehehehehehee"

den i said "nononono il fit u den il win haha"

dA fite

i git me bron swod den i ran at scar billy screeming "GIT OOT OF ME WOD!!!11!!1" den scar billy got blu sord and attac me wit it den i said "ouch " den i attac scar billy den he said "ouch " den after 52.786456 hours of a epic fite me and scar billy ar at 1 hp den i dodge attac den i hit scar billy and den he fall ded but in de chat apperd "scar billy:im will return.... " den i ded of hunger den i git scard det scar billy haxod me food becas i had 1 fod bar 3 hours ago den i closed minwaft den i notic dat der was a fil in me pc calld scarbilly.exe den i scaed clicked it den me pc restart den evrything was nam scarbilly even me and my mom den i got scared den i went to scool den i told me frinds abot scar billy and den dey said dat de exac sam thing happn to dem so i hav idea to make cool serv to fite scar billy wen he returns...

a few mont after scar billy fite

me and me frinds calld richard and me other frind nam jef was work in scar billy fite word den 3 scar billys apperd and dey start hurt me, jef and richard den i kill a scar billy but it respawned and de other 2 respaned and now is todae am stil fitin scar billy whil i writ dis


a few dayes later i wen on coolminwafgrop123 and sad to de other peeopl en eet to help me fit scar bily and den i made big sarver wit same seed and postad de ai pee in de chat den 3.4 seconds after dis happnd

Scar bil 2

(de person belos scar billy ar me and me frinds)

den evryon stard join serv den after 139489234 seconds we kil scar billy but den it appear on chat "scar billy: am may bee defeeted... but me army will appeer soon..."

now i has to go to sleep becas i has to wak up in de mornang to stoody for mat test i ned to lern how much is 1+1 so too BEE contooned...