Hi, my name is Bones and I was tired of being killed in Minecraft so I went to Mojangs office and asked them to make skeletons non hostile mobs and they said no so then i said ill give you 100 dead bushes and then they said yes. After they added that feature i talked to some players and they gave me full diamond armor and started to train by fighting monsters i became friends with the players and prepared for war. The war was here there were a bunch of spiders zombies witches zombiepigmen and herobrine was there so alot of the players died and we thoguht we were done for because there were too many monsters but then a bunch of skeletons came and helped and we were winning but herobrine was defeating us easily but i sabbed him and someone else shot him at the same time and everyones screen was herobrine for 10 seconds and they screamed of fear.

We celebrated on the server and had cake fireworks and we played lots of minigames.