i wnet played minecraft i played for a coupled of minutes den i seen an entity caled steve1ss1c66l he said die and den he get a dimoand swerd and stab mah blood went everywhere i scremed and never played on dat world again


i got picture of steve1ssc66ls avatar


i was playing some niencrefrt and den steve1ssc66l returned and than he went to a vilage and buernt it don to da ground i trie to kill steve1ssc661 throw a house at meh and kicced mah and for some trafeson the game crahed and send me back to da screen i was every eveyryryrrh scaryed i can not bleiver it i tried to delete the world and it dont work i went to bed so scaryed for my life


i had a lot of homework and i went play moonecraeft and den steve1ssc66l cAME TO MY WORLD ONCE AGAIN i got so angry i crafted a dimond sword and truned it into a veyr pwergful sword to kill steve1ssc66l and i stab him and he melted i cheer i finonaly killed him i starting playing minecraft more often than usual.

1/23/13 i was plyin mooncrafty and then out of of nowhere steve1ssc66l came bak i can't belve it OH MY GOD WHY i tried to kill him with mah dimond magic sword and it didnt work steve1ssc66l threw me in lava and i got angry i respawned and maade i super super magic sword and then i killed him and he melted once again and said i will never come back goodbye and i was happy and played minecraft until i was dead and if im dead then why am i writing this.