oay goys tanat stov h

appaend to mah when i is playing mooncroft and den every thing is tnt what has happeanded an den tnt stev came and set fire and blew up mah entire wold i is veyr scaryed whas was happaend.


i is go back is to play mooncraoft but it was everything is tnt it was scayr and dne daa tnt blew up i got on an world and storting to bulid a houdssse bu dene a very scory entite caem it was tnt stev i tell him yo get off mah wold but he did not he placed tnt i ran away he place more tnt it was scotry i kapt runnign and runging and ruing but den i is in tnt box he blew up i is once again everye eveyr scared tnt stev blew up mah wold wahy.


i is go bak to world bacduse i wis go back to world and dne mooncraft was tnt so i left mooncroft


i was bak to mooncorft i is mak diomand sword and den tnt stev came i pul out dimoand sword and kil him i is thik end but not he sya i si caem back soon omgggggggggggggggggggggggggg i is sevary scarded halp mah


i is goet bak to mooncraft i is get wood iron sotne coblestone dimoand and obsidian i is mka an lighter because i is goung to boom up tnt stev tnt stev is now omy mah world i is set hem on fire and he is boom up and die daa end

it wes not daa end.