This is targeted to be my longest trollpasta, so I don't oversaturate this wiki with them anymore.


Crapter Onium: Herobrwin.

I ate burger, it was fun. i was out of burger so i go to the McWendy'sto get it. they are out of burger so they say i can't have it. I got super ultra mega angry and slapped myself across the face and LOLZORZ I DID NOT SUSTAIN MINOR INJURY LOL. But i noticed the hewobayn eating burger so i take it and he get mad. I eat burger and play minecarft. I them build hhouse in 24 hours. i then saw a zomby with normal eyes but this one was odd. it was moving in rectangles and was making a noise. I whacked it with my super duper ultra mega high preformance spatula.

Crapter Too: Bad Animatying.

I then found out that i found out that i found out that zomby wanst a zomby he was a herobayn. I did not allow herobayn so I sparta kicked him into a hyper realistic ravine. He then decayed into pixels that forgot how to breathe. I became euphoric and lost my pants. I quickly got onto the floor to find them. But my pants were happy so they didnt like me BUT THAT'S TOO BAD I PICKED THEM UP WITH MY BAD ANIMTING SKILLS LOLZ. I am so funny.

Crapter Tree: Oak Tree

i plant a herobryin sapling. But i pick it up because I do not like herobrin.