Once i was playing minecraft on a server with my friends we played that server so much that we had full diamond armor with protection VI and diamond sword with sharpness V and fire aspect II we decided to look for herobrine one day and helped us but then someone was shot in the stomach but the arrow was different it was purple. After adventuring so was wrong with him we sa whats wrong and then he turned into a giant theneveryone ran away he couldnt controll himself anymore so we hid underground but someone was eaten by the giant. We dug until we found herobrines base but then herobrine shot most of the people and me got shot with arrows and were infected with the virus there were too many we were going to die.i got turned into a mutant skeleton i was unable to control my character so we were forced to kill everyone but then i Was able to control my character and i had to kill the other mutant skeletons and zombies. so i tried to fight herobrine but he was to strong and he almost killed me. someone survived and injected me with a needle and i was turned into an ender dragon so i killed herobrine by breathing on him. at the end i turned everyone into bannanas including myself.