NOTE: Trollpasta originally written by Prism55Writes of the Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki.

so one day i made anew minecraft wordl as soon as i spawned i mined wood but suddenly it became night and i was scrsed. i made a nhouse and went inside and stayted there e4 the night. but it never become day ahain. i decide dto go and mine something in an nearby cave lukily i found som coal and iron but no dermants i was sad sudenkly all my torches sdisapeard and i was extra skard when suddenly a creeper with a blood face appeared in front of me i went up to teh surfaceeee to hide in my hous i was super scard but then in the distance i notivdesc a play he was dark and only had orang eys i ran but hw was in front of me and and killed me the end