NOTE: Trollpasta originally written by Gregory CAPPER CONIJN of the Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki.

I was playing with my friend it was good. then i showed him this sign that said o c s on it then he left the game and then i saw herobrine spawners around me i ran then i went up on a heal and i saw brick black block by the herobrine spawners  i was scared then i was in the breck black block i saw sign in sieded the brick block the sins said wha wha wha and nonononono and then there were skals  spawning around me i got out of that horror i go to my chat box i go to my friends i tiept to my friend i said to my friend hlo he did it rplie i went to his world he was in it on there i think it was a aeacking in the game not like a herobrine or a Entity 303 in the game

When did it happen?  ps vita edition

year of sightings  July 27 2017

Versions ps vita at 9.00 pm

Signs Similar to the signs of Herobrine.

Powers    Hacking and joining in to worlds and building structure and  Invisibility