Chapter Unasn: The Horse

It was a fun minecraft, it was so fun that i made a horse in 1 picoseconds. It came to life and made me so spooked. It was so fun being spooked i pooped myself. I even peed myself which made the pants even butter. my pants became a shirt and i lost my shit. I went to my solarium to water my plants. my spatula came out of my pockets that were inside my pockets. my life preserver even came out of my plants and my pants stayed the same. I went back to minecraft and then my internet cable wrapped around a needlefish that didn't even exist. good thing my world was in single player or else i would have shit myself causing global warming killing everything.

Chapter Txekn: The Larynx

my texbook was studying, but i stole it to study, but it was so good it was butter amd was fun. that sentend made no sense so i will make up for it with a picture of the letter e. anyway my minecraft was being a good yoctometer so i was playing it and herobain popped up and said he had a bad larynx. i fixed it by being bedicine and die.

Chapter Tree: Chapstick

i then mad e a lifelike statue of my penis. It was so large it was only a self destruct away from certian death. irt became a self desytuect and everything became chap stick. the stick became chap wich was worse. it was so bad it was good so a tree fell when nobody was around but a video recorded recoeded the sound it made but it was silent so miencraft crashed and was replaced with ROBLOX.

Chapter Fwar: End

I keel aander dwaggon and it was a good boy. i got collar and it became my pet and it was dead after wolf attack. i was so angry my head grew to a cock and it exploded making sperm and smoke goevrywhere. i quit miencraft and everythign was peaceful. i forgot how to breathe so i blinked andf died

the end