cacinol names the white steve the king of all sheep community names white steve signs sheep attacking skys on ground weakness lighting Chapter 1:The war of The Sheep so i was playing minecraft with some of my friends list •minecrafterleo29 (me) •AlexThegamer2 (Alex) •Minecrafteroflife89 •BillCrafter58 (Bill) •BeckyPlayz819 (Becky) Alice told us she had a new pretty dog she named the dog Ashley mines was Mike and emma So it sarted lighting must be a storm it stoped Alex Screamed i went he was being attacked by sheep we killed them then glitching every block was quratz i had no idiea what was going on And so we walked before the clouds got on ground we painced chapter 2: White steve i saw a white figure then a sign aperred saying this "Leo meet me at my castle its easy follow the white wool path no friends" Alice had an eltrya and gave it to me it was high so follwed chapter 3: Tunder Is not Gonna Help i met and i told white steve you are strong...BUT YOU SUCK i left flying to ground watching him and his castal burn we play on that world Mondays