Itt was a normsl day in the life of stweve. He lived on thw hill that hwad a dungeyen on it. He went to school and he h3ard about a n3w curs3 that if you scweam Herobrine is a noob, zoombies are btter.zoombine will come and kill you..... H3 SCREAWEMD IT AND DIED INSTANYLU. ZOOMBWINE THEN WENT ON TO KILL THE FARLANDER, LICK, ENTITY INFINITY, AND ERROR, NULL, AND... AND... ZOOMBWINE IS THE BESTSTHINGEVER... LELELELELELELLELELELE

Ok, I have quit my little tamper tantrem and killed herobrine, time to say what happened in a better way. I dont like the newer dictators, but who cares about that I didnt even like the older dictaters but if zoombrine was the dictator yeah I would join him right away. Anyway, after zoombrine killed everyone he decided to revive them then kill them, and then he came out of my computer and tried to KILL ME AND THEN I SHOT HIM. BOOM HEAD SHOT. YES I TURNED IT SIDEWAYS, I KILL SHOTTED HIM. HAHAYAAHAHAGUKLAIHBFHJELDHVBG;OLIJDKHBKHLOG,IUMHJDK,JMHVFHJKSND BCVFJLIHKV SDGHKLGN FHOJASLJI HBNGJFHKJESDKUFHH9SEOLIJFHSIUKJGHFJOIUHSMFYGBENIKUHGFJOLIDUMJFKUHSBUYKF,IU YOUSLKHGIKJSKUAHFNINDKJGHFJOLI,SJ HB MFJKSNKLFHNMSK OSLKJIFKLKFHSJKFJHJBKSL.JKNWSLSKJSLKHJFJIJSDKUHGFHIUSDJKAFJHBUSIAK HEROBRINE SUCKS.